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Welcome to study Finnish!

In 2016 / 2017, no Finnish courses are organised!

There will be three different groups:
1) Beginner 1 (no previous studies required) - starts in the third week of October
2) Beginner 2 (about one year of previous studies) - starts in the beginning of November
3) Intermediate/Advanced (3-4 years of previous studies) - starts in the thirs week of October

The price of the course is 60 EUR / 10 study sessions (1.5 hours each session).
The courses will be held near the main railway station once per week from 19-20.30.
The course book is called "Hyvin menee!" and it costs about 25 EUR. The related Finnish-English dictionary can be bought separately, and the price is about 10 EUR. More information about ordering and paying the books and the course fee will be given during the course.

If you are interested in participating, please send an email to and indicate in which group you wish to enroll.


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